The Jaffameister Review System

I’m not a fan of numbered scores for reviews. They’re subjective in their definition, and even when defined parameters are given by specific outlets, they’re often misconstrued. That’s why here at, I’ve elected to utilize a different means of rating a review! The State Approval Stamp!


If a game is given a State-Mandated score, that means I think it’s the best of the best and therefore should be mandatory for all to enjoy.


If a game is given a State-Approved score, then it’s not absolutely essential that you should play this game as it isn’t perfect, but there’s certainly some merit in it for the right people.


If a game is given a State-Disapproved score, then I didn’t like it much. But it’s okay if you do! It’s just not my sort of thing, or I feel it has more cons than pros to justify my recommendation.


If a game is given an Enemy of the State score, then it is a foul creation upon this earth and, were I to have my way, it would be purged out of existence because of how utterly naff it is.