The Goblin’s Feet – A D&D 5e One Shot Campaign

I was a player alongside Jane Magnet and Joe Parlock, in a one-off Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition heist game ran by Laura Kate Dale. It was a bloody great lot of fun! I also drew the characters: Tergu, Ellenore, and Astrid.

The Gameographers – Episode 6: 69 Rotten Berries with Joe Parlock and his Tusks

On this episode of the Gameographers, we’re joined by Joe Parlock, ex-Hardware Editor for Destructoid and current co-EIC of LetsPlayVideoGames, to talk about the demo build of Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim, a visual novel where you romance burly but cute orc men.

Gameographers is a podcast starring Jed Whitaker, Alissa McAloon, and George Johnson. The trio (with the occasional guest) play pornographic video games and discuss their thoughts and experiences, as well as their views on each episode’s kink of the week(ish).