Thoughts in the Wake of Launching Jaffameister TV

Months of planning, re-planning, designs, redesigns, shoots, re-shoots… but it finally got filmed, edited, and published.

Jaffameister TV grew from various trailing concepts into the answer to one question: “Wouldn’t it be a bit funny if I took this brand that I have and make videos with it while assuming the role of a zealous propaganda news anchor?”

For those of you not quite in the loop, I’m a Communist. Shocking, I know. I am, however, not the Stalin-loving, Authoritarian-state, Lenin-was-a-shining-golden-god kind of Communist stereotype often attributed to the Marxist-Leninist movement (sometimes unfairly.)

But then it dawned on me: what if I play the character of a Stalin-loving, Authoritarian-state, Lenin-was-a-shining-golden-god kind of Communist stereotype, for a bit of self-satirical introspection and because it might be a bit funny?

That’s how my brand, of propaganda poster-inspired aesthetics and adamant Communist assertion, came about. And it sorta just stuck, for better or for worse. Jaffameister TV is a continuation of the big joke that I’ve built around myself, to a degree far higher.

And thus far it’s been well-received! Which I can’t say how relieved I am about. It’s been a lot of work to get the ball rolling on the project, and I’ve had a lot of anxiety in the time leading up to its launch. But a lot of it has been quelled seeing how many people are excited for more.

So stick around comrades, and stay tuned for the next broadcast from Jaffameister TV.

[This is a disclaimer that I’ll be adding as a footnote to all of my work from now on: any nonsensical connections made between video games and Communist themes, zealous and self-righteous dictator-esque behaviors, and perceived support and/or apologism of oppressive regimes like the Soviet Union are purely instances of self-satire as a means of comical introspection, and in some cases have no basis in truth or personal belief.]