The 14 Pokemon I’d most like to fuck

Last week, I sent a pitch to Eurogamer addressing Features and Reviews Editor Martin Robinson’s statement that he’d “get behind” a list feature titled “14 Pokémon I’d like to fuck.” While he did describe it to me as “probably the best pitch email I’ve ever had,” he lamented that Eurogamer might not be the right publication for it. A brief Twitter exchange with Kirk ‘McKirk’ McKeand, however, led me to believe that its rightful home might, in fact, be VG247. It turns out that was true. You can read it here!

Pong – A Secret Communist Propaganda Video Game?

Pong; it was the first commercially-successful video game and a universally-known arcade classic. But is there more than meets the eye? Is Pong… subliminal communist propaganda?

Come with me on a journey of subterfuge and conspiracy to find out!

Background Music – Hello Lenin! by Schnitz Productions:…