Dungeons and Dragons is a Great Tool for Exploring Your Identity

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop RPG that encourages you to embody a different version of yourself, but what if you could use it to discover the real you? Well, it helped me to do just that. My feature for Game Revolution!

EGX Rezzed – The weird, wild and wonderful

Couldn’t make it to EGX Rezzed 2018? Worry not, the RPS crew enlisted me to produce an Immersive Audio Experience™ that should put you in my shoes and give you a feel of the weird, wild, and wonderful of the show! Check it out on Soundcloud here!

The Left Is Fighting A Meme War On The Ideological Battleground Online

I spoke to the artists behind some of Facebook’s most popular Socialist meme pages about what inspires them to do what they do, and their hopes for kickstarting class consciousness.

Check it out here on the Morning Star’s website, or if you’re in the UK, why not pick up a copy of the newspaper!

How a Developer Released Their First Game, Despite Being Homeless

My freelance interview on Waypoint with Jeffrey Winn, a homeless game developer working under the banner of Mack Mack Studios, who managed to develop and release his first game.

Check it out here!

Butts in Video Games – The Exception to the Uncanny Valley?

My first ever freelance piece, commissioned by Laura Kate Dale for her personal website, wherein I explore the uncanny valley phenomenon and how butts in video games are its exception.

Check it out here!