Polyamorous representation and spitting on your friends in Spitkiss

Spitkiss is a puzzle game for mobile and PC that tells a polyamorous love story. I spoke to the developers here for Rock Paper Shotgun!

Pool Panic: one indie game’s journey from cue to pocket

I talked to Angus Dick and Mike Robinson about the development of the world’s least realistic pool simulator, Pool Panic. Check it out here on Rock Paper Shotgun!

Twitter Really Wants to F*ck King K Rool, and so Do I

After yesterday’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct where it was revealed King K Rool would be joining the Smash Bros Ultimate roster, many people on Twitter got horny. Let’s talk about why. My featurette for Game Revolution!

Dungeons and Dragons is a Great Tool for Exploring Your Identity

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop RPG that encourages you to embody a different version of yourself, but what if you could use it to discover the real you? Well, it helped me to do just that. My feature for Game Revolution!

EGX Rezzed – The weird, wild and wonderful

Couldn’t make it to EGX Rezzed 2018? Worry not, the RPS crew enlisted me to produce an Immersive Audio Experience™ that should put you in my shoes and give you a feel of the weird, wild, and wonderful of the show! Check it out on Soundcloud here!