Rezzed 2017 – Paul Kilduff-Taylor: Frozen Synapse 2, Tokyo 42, and New Unannounced Game

I caught up with Paul Kilduff-Taylor of Mode 7 Games to discuss the public reception to Frozen Synapse 2, Toyko 42, and mentions that a new game being published by Mode 7 is in the works.

The Indie Haven Podcast – Episode 2: Squit Citizen

In the second episode of the new Indie Haven Podcast, we discuss a cheeky AAA game for a minute before launching into Yooka-Laylee, EGX Rezzed, a few indie game recommendations and some reptilian dilemmas. Spiders! Spiders! Spiders!

The Indie Haven podcast is Indie Haven’s revival of their podcasting ways, brought to you by the brand new podcasting network, Pod Haven.

A Rather Lovely Chat with Mode 7 & SMAC Games

At EGX Rezzed 2016, I sat down and had a rather lovely chat with Mode 7 and SMAC Games about Frozen Synapse 2, as well as the new publishing relationship that Mode 7 had with SMAC Games’ upcoming Tokyo 42.

Check it out here!