A Slight Shift in Focus

Hello, comrades! For those of you that aren’t aware, I’ve recently taken over as Editor-in-Chief of Indie Haven, a site I’ve been writing at for over a year now. This means that a large focus of my time has been getting the site reorganised. With this, I’ve been thinking a lot about the content I produce there, and the content I produce here.

castro and che for jaffameister.jpg

The main content of jaffameister.com revolves around mashing Communism into various video games until I can write about how it makes sense. I also, however, occasionally publish news, release round-ups, and previews. With the plans I have over at Indie Haven, this is content I also look to host there.

As such, I’ve decided to keep jaffameister.com as a site for my Commie-themed features, and all news, previews, and round-ups will appear on Indie Haven. This content will be better suited over there, and it’s also content that never goes down as well as my Communist features here, so it’s a decision I feel shouldn’t affect too many people at all.


If you’re a fan of the work I put out here, thanks for sticking with me while I figure everything out over at Indie Haven. Expect some new features here, and if you go over to Indie Haven, then I’ll be posting regular content along with my fantastic team!

Published by

Astrid Johnson

Astrid is a games journalist living in Bournemouth. She's the Editor-in-chief of Indie Haven, co-host of the Gameographers and the Real Heroes podcasts, and has freelance pieces published on Waypoint.

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