Crash Force Announces April 2017 Release, Early Access Jan 20th

Crash Force, a multiplayer arena shooter with RPG elements in which players pilot tank-like hovercrafts and battle, has announced it’s release in April 2017, with availability through Early Access tomorrow.

Now, I’m not usually a fan of multiplayer arenas. The only ones that have any real appeal to me tend to be either quite niche, story-driven, or they just… feel fun to play. They’re also more often than not first-person shooters. Overwatch, Hawken, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (though far less frequently do I find myself playing that) are to name a few. Crash Force isn’t my typical cup of tea, so to speak. But Cyprus-based developers Ascanio Entertainment have made a game that I certainly wouldn’t mind trying out.

Players are given a selection of hovercraft models to choose from, each tied to three distinct factions with their own attributes. These models then each have their own unique abilities, and can be upgraded through attack, defence, and utility buffs. The Early Access launch will include four hovercrafts to choose from, while nine will be available in the full release. George Tziazas, co-founder of Ascanio Entertainment, said: “Players will immerse themselves in expansive customization options, tailoring their design and abilities to perfectly suit their play style.”


There’ll be four basic game modes that look to be pretty standard for this genre: Team Showdown (Resembling Team Deathmatch modes in other games), Capture the Flag, Control the Nest (likely a take on objective control or King of the Hill) and One Man Wolfpack (which is assumed to be a standard Deathmatch mode). The first three will have 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, and 6v6 variants, with One Man Wolfpack allowing between 6 and 12 players.

The full release will be available on PC and Xbox One, and the Early Access version will be (funnily enough) exclusive to PC, with a $29.99 price tag. If you want to check the game out, there’s more information on the official website.

Steam Link || $29.99 (Other Region Prices TBC)

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Astrid Johnson

Astrid is a games journalist living in Bournemouth. She's the Editor-in-chief of Indie Haven, co-host of the Gameographers and the Real Heroes podcasts, and has freelance pieces published on Waypoint.

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