Leaked Reveal of Uncharted 4 DLC at Playstation Experience

According to an insider source at Sony, a standalone DLC for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be revealed and playable at Playstation Experience this December.

The DLC will revolve around the adventures of Samuel, the brother of Uncharted series protagonist Nathan Drake, and Sully, a long-time cast member of the franchise. The reveal will consist of a gameplay segment, followed by a medley of cutscene footage, and concluding with the name of the DLC.


The DLC is standalone, and as such is playable without needing to own the original game, and will tell a self-contained story, with Nathan Drake himself present to hand the reigns of adventuring over to his sibling. It has also been disclosed that Nathan’s daughter will not be present in the DL.

Both Nolan North and Troy Baker are reprising their roles for the standalone, which is reportedly longer than The Last of Us‘ critically-acclaimed DLC Left Behind, and it is internally projected for release in the first quarter of 2017.

The plan was to also talk about Uncharted 4: Survival here, but Sony seemingly wanted to get out ahead of us on that one. Might be because we tweeted we were planning to leak DLC today? Who knows.

UPDATE: It seems that sources were incorrect, and that the DLC, while standalone and single-player, it rather follows main character Chloe and Nadine after the events of Uncharted 4.

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Astrid Johnson

Astrid is a games journalist living in Bournemouth. She's the Editor-in-chief of Indie Haven, co-host of the Gameographers and the Real Heroes podcasts, and has freelance pieces published on Waypoint.

35 thoughts on “Leaked Reveal of Uncharted 4 DLC at Playstation Experience”

  1. Well, if that’s true, that’s another ‘company makin horrible decisions’ in my list. This will be a mess and an ass-lickin for Sam fanbase. I have no hope for such a DLC an wish we’d have other character’s come back. Also: let Chloe Frazer punch Sam, my dyin wish would be that.


    1. Yeah, can somewhat see your point but I liked Sam, and I think he’s a great character. Sam also gives Naughty Dog a bit more options than Nate does – for example, Sam’s a little more morally flexible, a bit more mischievous, and he’s a bit wilder than Nate is. Sam gives ND the option of growing Uncharted with their audience. Sam enables ND to create a more ‘adult’ themes without ruining Nate’s clean cut image. It also allows Sam to engage in missions and adventures which Nate’s moral compass wouldn’t allow.

      Nate’s a Good Guy. Sam’s… not a good guy. Sam can happily exist in the ‘asshole’ category, and because he’s Nate’s brother, and his backstory’s already understood, we’d tolerate/forgive him for it.

      Chloe Frazer would totally punch Sam, and then they’d probably end up having steaming hot wild sex. Plus, Sam’s funny.

      I say, bring on the Sam era.


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